Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mother's day and birthdays

We took some lovely photos of Sydney at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving Pointe for Mother's Day.
Then for Eran's birthday, I gave him tickets to the Stadium of Fire for the 4th of July. Brad Paisley and David Archuletta were scheduled to sing. I was very excited because I am a huge Brad Paisley fan, but Eran isn't so much. To make up for his disappointment, (although I definatley feel it was a lame disappointment) I said those tickets could be for my birthday, and the U2 tickets I bought from the Cluff family in our ward were for his birthday!
Both concerts were amazing! The grainy picture is of Bono. I tried to post a video, but I always get mixed up when trying to use YouTube.
Then there is the sad story of Sydney loosing her front tooth when her feetie pjs and the linolium floor didn't mix well. She is all better now, but she will have a gap for a while...

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