Thursday, August 26, 2010

Dylan's bday and the zoo

So we had a fun trip to the zoo this summer. I can't even really remember when it was, I just know it was hot! Sydney was so excited about the giraffes and was sorely disappointed about the Hogle Zoo's lack of zebras. The baby elephant was very cute too.

Then we also celebrated Dylan's birthday. I spent a few hours at the temple which gave me a lot of peace for the day. Then we went to his grave and let Sydney and cousin Carly let go of helium balloons to "send them to heaven" for him. We also had an angel food cake. I included a picture of his headstone because I know many have not been able to come see it yet. Thank you again Seth for the amazing picture. I tried to get a picture of the girls letting go of the balloons, but Carly let go too quickly, and we had to really encourage Sydney several times to let go of hers.

Kiddos Birthdays

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