Thursday, February 11, 2010

winter blahs

I haven't posted lately because I haven't had much to post about. I realize I never wrote about Christmas or Sydney's 4th birthday - but now those are old news things that I don't feel like writing about. It does make me laugh though when Sydney tries to understand how time and calendars work. She always tells me that she will be turning 5 in a minute. She has been grounded from her scissors though because she cut her own hair and a hole in the knee of her jeans. That would have been a great photo, but unfortunately I was out of it with low blood sugar. Her hair was not disastrous enough to even take her in to fix it - she just has a weird layer in her hair now. So I'm sick of winter - I'm grateful for my medication that is keeping me from diving too low. It is just strange that I can tell the meds are working and that I would be sad some days without it. Anyone else out there on mental meds that can tell those kinds of things?

Kiddos Birthdays

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