Monday, April 12, 2010

small catch-up

So I finally downloaded my 2010 pictures from my camera. I said in my last post that I didn't feel like playing catch-up, but there were some fun pictures to share, so here I go...This is Cal after we had some hot cocoa with whip cream on top. He and Sunny love to catch the whip cream in their mouths as it shoots out of the can. An action shot of that would have been funnier, but show me someone who can shoot a picture and whip cream at the same time and I'll be impressed.

Then Zach turned the big 18. We took him to IHOP, and that is a Ben 10 cake he requested. We are still not quite sure what is going on with him after graduation in May, but everyone (except him) is in agreement he is not ready to move out yet.

We have had a slow start to spring, and this is Syd with a very late season snowman. The thing that cracked me up about this snowman, was that as we were putting the face on, I explained to her that the nose is usually under the eyes. In her drawings, the nose and eyes are currently aligned. Then when I tried to put the arms in the snowman's middle, she protested and said, "Mom, arms start up here (pointing to her shoulder) not in the middle!" I couldn't argue with that:)Many of you have seen the sorry shape of Sydney's baby blanket. She proudly put it on display here in front of her favorite show. She is nearly ready to retire it though because she realizes how it does not keep her warm like other blankets do. She even moved on to a blanket she got when she was in the hospital last month with pneumonia.
Then we finally got to go 4wheeling this year. The weather actually cooperated. This is at the bottom of some mine trailings in the West Desert. Hooray for spring! Let's pray it stays!

Kiddos Birthdays

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