Thursday, August 25, 2011

More happened

Oops, I forgot to put these pictures in. I had to document the fact that Eran actually gave me flowers for Valentine's day! The only other time he did this was when we were dating, and this time was no romantic feat on his part. I practically begged him, "Will you give me flowers for Valentine's day?" of course I got plenty of grumbling from him too, but he did a great job! They were gorgeous and he had them delivered to me at work:)
Then one of the many cold blustry days this winter, Sydney and I went up to Dylan's grave and built a snowman on it. It was very frusterating because the snow close to our house was very wet and packable, which made me think of building the snowman. But we got to the cemetary and the snow was completely powdery. It would not stick together for anything which is why the snowman is so small.Then I talked about Zach and Disneyland in my last post, but only included one photo, so here are two more. The first is waiting for the shuttle and the next is all of us on the teacups.

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