Friday, January 25, 2008


I've been tagged by a friend in her blog to list 7 interesting facts about myself that many people don't know about me. This is making me realize what an open person I am, I don't hide things about myself very well. You might not learn anything about me, but at least I will have admitted it all...
1. I am jealous of people who can be anally clean. Messes don't bother me enough to get me over my laziness and take care of them. I want to be better at cleaning and being organized! How do I get more motivated to do this?
2. I am baby hungry right now. Many days I don't mind that Eran says, "No way, we are one and done!" especially when Sydney is acting like a 2 year old, but I really do want another one soon.
3. I have never been a natural at flirting. Even now that I have been married for 5.5 years, I still find it awkward to flirt with my husband. I will only do it when I feel an extreme need for attention and nothing else will work.
4. My favorite sport to participate in is volleyball. I may not be the most talented at it and may do other sports more often, but I think it is the most fun group sport (downhill snow skiing is a good individual one).
5. I have never read any of the Jane Austin books. As much as I love the movies, and the fact that I own a collection of her novels has still not changed this for me. I never do very well at reading a book when I have seen a movie first because I feel like I already know what going to happen so I don't get drawn in very easily.
6. Eran is the first and only boy I have ever kissed.
7. Chihuahuas are my least favorite type of dogs. They never seem to be the type to just love or trust anyone. They are almost always fearful, therefore; they are also either aggressive or just timid. I think I'd take a cat over a chihuahua at my house.
There you have it! Now I get to tag 7 people: Seth, Karalenn, Dad, Hillory, Heidi, Joellen, & Sunny. Dad I know you don't have a blog to do this on, so either create one or do it over email.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

play group

There is an unofficial "ward" play group that Sydney and I occasionally play with on Fridays. Truthfully, since Fridays are Eran's days off, I often forget about play group (even when I was supposed to be in charge of the activity - oops), but this week I got a reminder phone call, and the activity sounded fun, so we went. We were making cars out of cardboard and then watching a movie. Here is Sydney in her car drinking her Capri-Sun and snaking on popcorn. We watched some "Ducktales" shows, but Sydney's attention span only lasted as long as her drink did.

Sydney's birthday continued

I downloaded the first pictures of Sydney on her birthday so quickly that I forgot to include pictures at her party... the first 2 are the cute ones I got distracted while trying to save them the first time,
then we have her modeling the butterfly outfit her Aunt Damy sent,
then Daddy modeling her antenna,
then Sydney opening up even more pretty shoes while sitting in her Minnie Mouse chair!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

camera phone pictures

So time for my excuses as to why I haven't been posting lately - Sydney has turned 2 - enough said right? Therefore she got sick and got the rest of us sick, then when she got better (a week and a half later) she decided she is not taking naps any more and her nap time was usually my blogging time. I took a very cute picture of her in the car yesterday with my camera phone and decided to try and get smart about how to share it. Here are many of the others you might enjoy as well.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Sydney is 2!

I took Sydney's 2 year old birthday pictures, but then I was really distracted when saving them to the computer. These are some cute ones, but I did get one or two with her smiling - oh well they're not in the file on the computer. She is wearing an outfit her Aunt Damy sent her last year - and she finally fits in it! I can't believe it has been 2 years! She is supposed to stay a baby for longer - I don't know if I can handle a toddler.

Zach's Christmas present to his Grandma

Zach decided since he was

going to spend Christmas with his grandma in Morgan, UT, that he would get her an extra special present - a dog! He is a Chihuahua who is 9 yrs old that I helped pick out from the adoption group that comes into Petsmart every other weekend. His name is Spudnik, and we got to take care of him for 2 days (after Lost Paws closed and before Zach headed up to Morgan). I didn't know if he would be keeping his name, so I kept calling him "Dude". Sydney thought that was extra funny and would laugh and say "dude dog!" Yes, it made my dogs anxious and jealous a few times that there was a new dog in the house, but they did fairly well and mostly left him alone. We had to take him for walks around the block a couple of times to get him to go pee, and my neighbors all thought we were crazy to get another (tiny) dog. I let them know, I'm not that crazy - and we're not really tiny dog people here. Apparently Zach's Grandma has taken to Spud very nicely even though there were some protests at first, she told me personally she really likes him.


Wow! It's been a while since I've posted because holy cow I've been busy!

Christmas and New Year's and Sydney's birthday all in one week is a lot! I was even debating between making this post and taking down the Christmas tree and decor today - this won out because I don't think Sydney will get too much in the way of taking the tree down, but she always likes to contribute a bit too much for doing much on the computer. So these are some pictures of us enjoying our harvest from Christmas - Sydney and all of her Disney Princess shoes,Then Sydney sitting in my favorite present - my new jogging stroller!Daddy playing his guitar hero - really everyone should come over and play - it is way fun!

And Sunny and Cal enjoying their big bones:)

We were over abundantly blessed this Christmas with gifts, peace, and happiness! Thank you all who sent cards and gifts and spent time with us. It just made it all so fun! I have used way too many exclamation points in this post! I forgot to take a picture of him with it, but Zach's favorite present was his Wii game system.

Kiddos Birthdays

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This is a link to the photobucket slideshow I made