Saturday, July 11, 2009

Loads of Summer fun

So it has been a while since I blogged... not because I didn't have things to blog about, but that I haven't felt like I have had any spare moments to post anything! First, my college roommates came into town, and I missed the main reunion because of our family camping trip, but Sydney and I did get to go to the children's museum in the Gateway Mall with them and their kids. That's what is happening in this first group of pictures, we also went out to the fountains that the kids ran through.

Then we had our annual Eran's cousin's family camping trip in the mountains of Southern Utah.

We all had lots of fun 4 wheeling, and Sydney even got social with some of her cousins once removed. There is alo the picture of my prego belly. Lots of people comment on how I'm not very big, but it is because I have a long torso. That doesn't mean baby is not getting big and causing me not to be able to breathe.

We also went to another fun fountain park for some lunch, and then went swiming at Messy's parent's condo.

Kiddos Birthdays

Lilypie 3rd Birthday Ticker Lilypie 6th to 18th Ticker

This is a link to the photobucket slideshow I made