Friday, September 19, 2008

Patience - and I need advise!

The first picture here is a cute one of Sydney on her new pride and joy - her big wheel! It also shows her cute new haircut. I have been learning lately what true patience parents of 2 year olds have to learn to have. My sister Heather described it well when she said that 2 year olds are just a tiny body so full of emotions, and they often don't know how to handle all their feelings. So, I have been doing a little better being patient when she has emotional outbursts - most often having to do with wanting to be independent and do things "all by herself". It wasn't a big deal to me today when it took 30 mins. to go from our house on her big wheel to the church (which is less than a block away from our house) because she is still learning how to pedal. The neighborhood kids made me feel old when they saw her riding the big wheel and asked why her bike looked so funny. I guess they had never seen a "big wheel".

The thing I don't know if I need more patience or just more stubbornness is for Sydney's potty training! Many parents have told me to not push her until she is at least 3, but then others have told me the older she gets, the harder the battle will be because she will get more stubborn. Right now, if I even mention trying to go potty, she throws a fit. She likes talking about "someday" she will be big and go potty like her older friends and cousins. I have tried bribing her with stickers and candy, etc. She of course loves those two things, but when it comes to going to the potty, she wants nothing to do with them. Help! Should I stop pushing for a while, or conquer this battle while it is still young?

The other pictures here are from Zach's talent show performance of Weird Al's "White and Nerdy" again. He wanted to do a Snoop Dog song or a Chris Brown song, but I told him that the lyrics had to be clean for a general public audience. He said he could do the edited version, but I told him he needed the edited version on CD as well. I guess life is full of disappointments.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Fun in Cali

So it has been a while since I posted. Some of the reasons are because of business as school starts, some because we went out of town to California for a while, but mostly because we only have the one computer and whenever Eran is home he is on it. I've been thinking lately how I need to come post, but we were all sick last week, yada, yada...
so we went to Cali for Eran's grandma's 90 birthday party. The top picture is Sydney at the Sacramento temple, then in Eran's uncle's pool, then at the train museum in old Sacramento, then on the Nye Family (the family friends we stayed with) trampoline that Sydney thoroughly enjoyed.

Kiddos Birthdays

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This is a link to the photobucket slideshow I made