Thursday, August 25, 2011

1 year catch up!

Wow, I have not posted for over a year! I converted just over to Facebook, so if you follow me on that, none of this will really be news to you. I want to post so that I can do a blog book to substitute for my journal, since I haven't kept up with that either:)
This is a picture of Eran and Sydney last Oct. at the pumpkin patch we went to.
Sydney constantly tortures the dogs by playing dress up with them. Here is Cal with a bow on his ear. Then she wonders why the dogs run away from her and don't do her commands that she gives them...
She went to one more year of preschool. I can't believe that now she is starting Kindergarten next week. Thanks to the curriculum at this school, and a little hard work at home and just being smart, she is close to being on a 1st grade reading level!
I take my sister Holly's kids photos every year for their birthdays. Sydney usually has to pose with the birthday cousin in at least one photo. This is one of her favorite cousins Stephan.
Then we went to Texas for Thanksgiving where Sydney got to see more of her favorite cousins. Here she is standing between Carly and Brandon in front of some strange Texan's property. They have reindeer (in the picture), camels, zebras, and other zoo like animals. Here she is terrified to be feeding the camels.

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Kristie said...

You get on facebook right when I get off. Darn.
I missed camping with you guys this year. Hope next year we will be able to make it.

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