Sunday, April 20, 2008


So after a day of glorying in my major accomplishment of finishing the marathon - I realized I need to thank everyone who helped me get there. Of course I have to thank the Lord! You better believe I kept praying for His help to finish. I also need to thank all those who helped babysit Sydney so she didn't have to go on all those extra long runs. Those babysitters include my honey Eran, Karalenn, my mom, Holly, and Hillory, Laura Meek, and Rachel Palmer. I also need to thank those who were my examples and did this crazy goal before me and offered pointers for my training - Dad most especially, Monica Broadbent, Lyle, Marcia, and Jena Anderson. Of course I have to thank everyone who cheered me on both in person and in spirit - Thank You!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I accomplished a huge goal today of finishing the Salt Lake City Marathon! 26.2 miles was grueling, but thank goodness it's over! I finished in just under 5 hours, I believe my time was 4:59 in fact. I was expecting to do closer to 5.5 hours because my knee had been killing me in previous training runs. I took some ib profen before the race and my knee felt great the whole time, so I finished faster - yeehaw! Eran was my photographer for these few pictures we got - he got some cute ones of Sydney though -
The first one is of me fairly close to the finish line. I have a distressed look on my face because the finish line was on a bit of a whindy path and at that point in the race, I was so tired I just wanted to see the finish, but it was around the bend! The next picture is me holding Sydney and elated to be DONE! You can see by Sydney's hair that it was quite windy today, but other than that, the weather was beautiful (thank goodness)! Here is another picture of Sydney in the wind.

Monday, April 14, 2008

nothing new

I don't have much new to report on, but I had some funny pictures to share. Sydney got this butterfly costume for her birthday, and she has found it to be fun to put it on Sunny. He, of course is thrilled by the fun she has, as you can see by the look on his face:)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Zach is the MAN!

This is a picture of Zach and a few of his many female admire-ers. This was a Valentine's dance he went to for kids with special needs. I guess the blond girl is the one he is going to ask on his first date during spring break! He even asked her to prom, but she already has a date. He is quite the ladies man, and I also think I now know why he likes high school so much more than Jr. High - the girls! He has a subscription to the New Era and the only one he has really even looked at is the one with a pretty girl on the cover. As much as we like to, teasing him about this might get me in real trouble since I stole this picture from his room to share with y'all. So please don't blow my cover!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

MTC Memories

Hey I just collected these photos from my parents and thought some of you might enjoy the trip down memory lane as I did. These are pictures of the day I went into the MTC; June 2, 1999. The day before Seth and Karalenn got married (there's a reason they have such funny looks on their faces). Of course you all know how I value photos - I was so sad that I left these pictures in my purse and something spilled on them and made them stick together which is why the middle picture has that big tare through it.

Kiddos Birthdays

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This is a link to the photobucket slideshow I made