Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thank you!

All the messages of love made me cry, but in a good way this time. Thanks for your comments, I am doing better today:)

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Baby Blues

No, this is not an uplifting post. I am suffering with some sadness today. I know it has to do with once again getting postpartum, but this postpartum I really have reason for. When I got really bad baby blues with Sydney, one of the things that helped was just holding her. I don't have that luxury this time. The day started off with our goldfish dying, which never helps anything... it is almost 1pm and I'm still in my p.j.s. Yuck - I know I said when I get like this I will call somebody, but I am just venting in general cyberspace - sorry. I recently read in a magazine somewhere that women diagnosed with gestational diabetes are the most likely to get postpartum. I guess that means us women who always have diabetes have no choice in the matter either. Not that anyone does - I am just rambling.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

As many of you saw, on my facebook pictures that Sydney was being Snow White for Halloween. It is a little hard to see in these pictures, but the dogs were tied together being a 2 headed spider. Their costume didn't last very long though - they weren't getting along so we untied them. Sydney got her first blisters from trying to wear her heels while trick-or-treating. Zach handed out treats while Eran and I took Sydney. I think there were more wrappers in the garbage from what he had eaten than what he handed out. Oh the joys of this holiday!

Kiddos Birthdays

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