Friday, May 16, 2008


So I guess Sydney is in a bit of a klutzy stage in life. I took this first photo this morning to show how she crawled into Grandma's fireplace with her forehead. I think seeing a huge hole in my daughter's head that was bleeding did more to me as her mother than it hurt her. I nearly passed out! The funny thing was, as I drove up there, I was listening to the Blue Collar Channel on Sirius (LOVE the satellite radio!). A comedian was talking about how parents nowadays don't like taking their children to their parent's houses because nothing is child proofed. He said, "Come on, we all stuck our fingers in light sockets and lived!" That comedy routine was very appropriate for our visit to grandma's that day.

Then, before I could even post that first picture, Sydney tripped on the sidewalk and got owies on her elbow and knee and bonked her forehead again and made that first owie bleed again! Poor girl! If I had gotten a picture of her with her mouth open you could see her chipped front tooth - this was a previous injury though, not from today. My poor, beat up kiddo.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


So I thought I'd share some funny pictures I took recently of some of the funny things I run into on a daily basis staying home with Sydney and the dogs. The first picture is of Sydney wearing some of mommy's pretty colorful underwear! She found it recently in a bottom drawer of my dresser that I rarely use any more. At least it saw some action! I should probably reorganize and place the contents of this drawer on my shelf in my closet and the sweatshirts on my closet shelf can go in that drawer:)

The next picture, I took because I sat down on the floor in Sydney's room to get her dressed. I told her to come over to me so I could put her clothes on. She was not swiftly obeying that day, but Cal did. He came right over when I said, "Come here!"
This proves what I tell my dog training students all the time, "Dogs are simple. Human children are way over my head as to how to train them."

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