Wednesday, July 21, 2010

camping fun

So we always have a good time at Eran's family's annual camping trip, and this year was no exception:) Sydney was much more social this year than in years past, so she had fun with second cousins while 4 wheeling and in the hammock as you see in some of the pictures.

She also ensured we made plenty of smores for her at the campfire every night we were there, and she wasn't very afraid of the many bugs as is seen in the caterpillar on her hand shot. We even went out on a bug catching walk once! You can see her slightly swollen eye from a mosquito bite she got in the picture of her by the stream - ah the many joys of camping!
I can't believe I haven't taken a picture of my smashed up 4 wheeler. Zach crashed when he got panicked because he got a little lost. We were super thankful he didn't get badly hurt, just a few scrapes, and Eran's cousins and uncle helped him un-bend the 4 wheeler so it was still ride-able. I'll have to go take a picture of it before it gets completely fixed though because they used zip ties to fix the broken plastic and my bike looks a little like frankenstein. That will be a picture for my next post on my blog...

There is also this picture of her at soccer practice that a nice girl in my ward did for kids her age for a few weeks. I love good nice neighbors!

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