Thursday, February 21, 2008

Busyness Abounds!

Last week was so crazy and busy with things to do, and I am just realizing it is already Thursday of this week and I haven't written to report on any of it! Monday the 11th, I tried to find someplace I could get my long distance run in without imposing on any one too much. I decided to try Gold's Gym since when I signed Eran up for a membership, they told me to come in and use a free VIP day pass sometime. Well, the girl I talked to there was obviously not trying to impress me since she just kept looking at Sydney saying, "I think our day care is full," and "We can give you a day pass for $10, but I think the day care is full..." By the time I frustratedly walked out without my run, the day care at the Lehi Legacy Center was going to close in a 1/2 hour. My long runs are getting to be 3+ hours long - that would never work. The next day was Zach's 16th birthday!

I am such a slacker for not posting something on this earlier! Happy Birthday buddy! He had a fun party with his parents and sisters at his family visit that day. 2 of his friends from Heber came, and a girl from school even showed up! She is one of his peer toutors.

Wednesday I found a friend in my ward that owns a treadmill. I helped her with a sewing project, so she tended Sydney while I did my run. Then we took Zach out for his birthday dinner while a crazy snow storm hit our area. Our power went out, the major roads all around us were shut down - it was crazy!

Thursday was Valentine's, but I don't remember anything super special about it. Eran and I celebrated over the next 2 days. He took me out to Market Street Grill for lunch on Friday - yummy yum! Then he took this cute picture of Sydney sleeping in the TV watching chair.

Finally, as an only request for Valentine's this year, despite plenty of protesting from Eran, he took me to our stake adult sweetheart ball! We had some more professional pictures taken at the dance, but the photographer has yet to email them to me. Eran kept complaining that he thought he was done with dancing since he got married. I told him he was sadly mistaken. Even with all the grumbling and groaning - I had fun! We tried to do the cha cha lessons, but failed miserably. When we were slow dancing, Eran said, "You get this close to me every night when you're hogging the bed, blah, blah, blah..."

Then Monday was President's Day. Zach was out of school and Eran off work, so we went to the zoo! Can you see how I accidentally turned my white coat pink when I washed it with Zach's red one - oops! The first 2 photos are of us feeding the geese and ducks, and the 3rd is enjoying the elephants. It was hard to get that photo, because Sydney didn't want to turn around to look at the camera, the elephants were too interesting!

As soon as we got home from the zoo, I took Zach, and we met up with Holly and her kids, Hillory and her girls, and watched the movie "The Spiderwick Chronicles". It was very fun and very imaginative! It would have been a bit scary for Sydney so I'm glad she was home napping with Daddy.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Vote for Sunny!

Anyone who has been to our house knows how plauged we are with dog hair everywhere! Bissell vaccums is having a contest every week to give away a pet hair eraser vaccum, so go to this link to vote for Sunny to be the winner! Okay, I will be the winner, Sunny is of course afraid of vaccums, but we want to win!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Big Girl Bed

Yes, we also had to take this inevitable step. We got Sydney a toddler bed because the night before (for the 2nd time) she jumped over the edge of her crib and landed on her head. She has a nice rug burn there now. She keeps repeating the words, "New Bed" while running around in her room. She slept fairly well in it last night, but woke up crying several times. My guess is she just wasn't sleeping quite as sound because of the change... any other mothers out there say this is normal?

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