Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Babe!

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Happy 38th Birthday to my sweetie! Just 2 more years to the big 4 - 0! Wow, we're getting old, oh well have a happy one anyway:)


melissa said...

Nah, YOU aren't getting that old. Mostly just Eran. You aren't even 30 yet. For another few weeks, at least.

Happy birthday to Eran! Hope its a good day for you, old man. :)

bennet said...

Dude my bro is getting old...freaky...oh wait so am I, even ya guys!

fiesty said...

What did you guys do? It is weird to think that Eran just turned 38, and yet some of good friends are turning 40 this year. I love how age is just a number:)

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