Saturday, March 15, 2008

Still surviving

I haven't had much to report on lately, I have been busier than I ever like to be but not doing anything worth writing about.

Here is Eran with Sunny, our billy goat, or that could just be a nice wrestling move. Just because I have nothing exciting to report doesn't mean I don't have cute pictures to share! This next one is of a very cool family who have signed up for all of my training classes at Petsmart. This is their graduation from intermediate class, and their advanced class starts on Wednesday. Baylee is their dog's name and he is better behaved than Sunny - no, it's just great when owners take the time to train their dogs this well. If only all human's parents were this dedicated!

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bennet said...

Hi Hanna, I'm super excited to come see you all, I am coming on Sunday in case my oh so forgetful brother didn't tell you...Anyways...perhaps you can give me some pointers on starting up running because I want to and I know you are so're the pro and I'm just the give this poser some sage

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