Saturday, March 1, 2008

dating is a good thing

I just wanted to share one of my favorite of the more professional photos we had taken at the dance Eran and I went to on Valentine's weekend. It definitely is a good thing to date when you are married! It reminds you of why you got married and everyone needs a time -out away from kids! Eran took me shooting for the first time in my life this last weekend (thank you again Hillory for babysitting!). We went to a shooting range, and it was fun! I am using too many exclamation points again! Oh well!
Here is one of the targets Eran shot. Notice how there is a hole right in the bull's eye? I had a similar target with a shot like that, but I also had a tendency to shoot the clip that was holding the target, so my target with the bull's eye is still on the floor of the shooting range. Shooting was very loud and much harder than it looks, but thank goodness for the man I married!
Jenny Hoover showed me a clip that she recorded off the TV last week of another boy I dated (Aaron Pond). He was giving a motivational speech to teenagers that was on KBYU. It made me think about how different my life could be with different decisions made in the past, and thank goodness it is not! I love my life and especially how almost opposite from that Aaron, my Eran is! Does that say something bad about me that I prefer going shooting with my husband than listening to a cheesy-motivational speech to teenagers? Oh well, the point really is to say, "Go on dates with your spouse!"


melissa said...

Hanna, I think we're all glad you didn't make a different choice regarding dear old Brother Pond. :) Is that a bad thing to say? Super cute picture of you and Eran, by the way. And, see, I found something similar between my hubby and yours. They both like to go shooting. Jake keeps saying he's going to take me, but since we have a hard time making it out to...well, uh, pretty much anywhere, it hasn't happened yet. See, they aren't total opposites. Just mostly.

Seth Hippen said...

Whoa, whoa whoa! Nice shootin', Tex! That's a great picture too.

sunnytosh said...

Shooting sounds like lots of fun. What kind of gun did you use?

bennet said...

I so jealous you got to go shooting, when I went with work I loved it...there something really "power pumpin" about shooting a gun or rifle...and that picture of you and my bro is soooooooo cute...awww...anyways...give a big hug to my niece and pseudo-nephew...or perhaps for zack you can give him a high five...LOL

Xena said...

not that people go back and read these once they've contributed to them, but the gun we used was a glock(sp?) 23. As is evident by the uncertainty of spelling, I am new the the gun world education.

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