Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Zach's Christmas present to his Grandma

Zach decided since he was

going to spend Christmas with his grandma in Morgan, UT, that he would get her an extra special present - a dog! He is a Chihuahua who is 9 yrs old that I helped pick out from the adoption group that comes into Petsmart every other weekend. His name is Spudnik, and we got to take care of him for 2 days (after Lost Paws closed and before Zach headed up to Morgan). I didn't know if he would be keeping his name, so I kept calling him "Dude". Sydney thought that was extra funny and would laugh and say "dude dog!" Yes, it made my dogs anxious and jealous a few times that there was a new dog in the house, but they did fairly well and mostly left him alone. We had to take him for walks around the block a couple of times to get him to go pee, and my neighbors all thought we were crazy to get another (tiny) dog. I let them know, I'm not that crazy - and we're not really tiny dog people here. Apparently Zach's Grandma has taken to Spud very nicely even though there were some protests at first, she told me personally she really likes him.


sunnytosh said...

What a sweet gift!

Penelope Crackers said...

Wow. That was quite the gift. ahem... Zach, we LOVE dogs. :)

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