Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Another life goal checked off! I finished the Fall Finale triathlon in Kearns. Don't doubt for a second that it was HARD! Wow, the swim was good and felt good. It was 400 meters or 1/4 mile. The race officials weren't sure until about 2 minutes before it started if they would have to cancel the bike portion because of rain. Thank goodness they didn't, because it would have felt like I hadn't really accomplished my goal. The 12 mile bike was torture though because it was ALL uphill! Maybe it was more like 9 miles uphill and 3 miles down, but the downhill sure did not make up for grueling uphill. The 5k run was torturous too, but I expected that. It felt like it was all uphill too. There were more downhills on the run, but you don't feel those nearly as much as on a bike. I have no idea what my time was when I finished; I was just so glad to be done! So I just looked up my time and I finished in about 1hr. 54 mins. I would have preferred to have been closer to 1 and a half hours, but like I keep saying - it was ALL uphill and I couldn't breathe because of my current medical condition*. Wahoo, I'm done!
*see next post

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Joellen said...

Hanna, you amaze me!

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