Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sydney's swim class

I put Sydney in swimming lessons. I could teach her, but she wont listen to me. There was a scheduling error and the time that worked for our schedule, the pre-school level 1 class was full. They didn't tell me this when I registered, they just put us in a time that didn't work for me. When I showed up at the time I thought we registered for, they were like you'll have to come to this later time. When I said that wouldn't work, they asked if Sydney was comfortable in the water. I said yes, and that she can blow bubbles, etc. They put her in the level 2 class. I have to laugh because she is doing things in there that I'd never attempted with her and doing just great! She swallows a lot of water, and if I was her teacher, she'd be yelling at me for that, but she loves her class! Go, my little fish, go!


Shelly said...

CUTE!!! Like mother like daughter.

I have the same PJs for Brooklyn, they are adorable.

Holly said...

See this is why I had you try to teach my chillens.

sunnytosh said...


Kiddos Birthdays

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