Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We had fun on Easter too!

We had fun on Easter going on an egg hunt with some our cousins. I'm not sure what was up with some of Seth and Karalenn's neighbor kids coming and stealing some of our eggs. Just kidding, a bit less sugar at our house always helps.
Then the wonderful Seth and Karalenn were super helpful and babysat the kids while Eran and I went and celebrated our 7th anniversary at The Market Street Grill and the Anniversary Inn. I don't care that I had to make the arrangements, that was the best anniversary we've had ever! Eran was even patient enough to watch "Twilight" with me that night - what a man I've got!
I was silly and forgot to take a picture of Sydney in her cute Easter dress - oh well. Does anyone have any suggestions? She is having major issues with wetting her pants lately. She had been mostly accident free for at least 4 or 5 months!


eran said...

You had to mention that i watched twilight. Come on!!!! You didn't even mention riding your new atv at 5 mile pass.

Xena said...

I guess I forgot that had been part of our anniversary celebration - and yes, that trip made it even better!

sunnytosh said...

That sounds like a fun anniversary and Easter. Go Eran for watching Twilight! Hopefully you have the camera out next time Sydney is in that dress, and I do have a suggestion for the bed wetting, you may be able to pick this stuff up at Wild Oats:

Good luck!

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