Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My early b-day present!

I love my early b-day present! Eran bought me a '08 Yamaha Grizzly 450 4 wheeler. We will soon get a seat on the back so Sydney can ride with me:) Eran even took all the photos for me! Since I have to eat my words saying that he probably didn't take photos in Moab, I thought I'd include one of those pics. This one is specifically for Sharon who said I looked too skinny in the Salt Lake marathon picture. I am at least 20lbs heavier in this photo of me in Moab!

Then there is this sad picture of Cal wearing a cone so he wont lick his sores on his paws. He has to wear it for like 2 weeks, but maybe more now since Sydney took it off while I was at work and he did some more serious damage.


sunnytosh said...

Ouch, poor baby! I like the 4-wheeler, it's pretty.

melissa said...

Happy early birthday. And you still look too skinny, just pregnant, too. I can't believe you did that while pregnant. The only running I do when I'm pregnant is to the bathroom to throw up again.

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