Monday, October 27, 2008

progress...but, any more suggestions?

So I have a cute picture of Sydney sitting on her potty, but because Zach used our computer one time to try to look up porn, we got a virus, and Eran took care of it, but now I can't open photoshop to download the picture.
Sydney is doing great going on the potty as long as she has no pants on. Every time we put panties, or pull-ups on, she goes in those. A girl in my ward suggested putting pants on her with no underwear, and we might try that later today. Help! I am tired of feeling a bit of a prisoner in my own house because I don't want to go somewhere and have Sydney have an accident. I know I will have to use pull-ups for a while at night with her because she sleeps deeply like I do and she never wakes up dry. I hope she's not too much like me though, I wet the bed until I was somewhere around 10 years old...


Shelly said...

Yeah!! I'm glad progress is being made. Don't stress the nightime, it's not worth it right now.

Have you tried undies and a dress? Emma was quite a dress girl when things started.

Keep it up!! She will eventually be completely potty trained (few adults out there have accidents).

Holly said...

I forgot in all the ideas I gave you. You are supposed to practice pulling the panties down and up alot. Sha might not be able to pull them down. Practice with pants too. I realized my kids couldn't do it at first. Dresses are a good idea if they don't hang in the toilet.

Good luck. I am glad she is doing so well. Patients is one of our tests as parents. I think it's a test for two year olds too.

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