Monday, December 3, 2007

Santa's lap?

Sydney didn't do well at her first attempt at sitting on Santa's lap. We went to the festival of trees on Saturday (that's why it was Sydney's first attempt - it wasn't at a mall - I just don't frequent those) with some people in my family. She probably would have done better last year, she wasn't so clingy then. She had some cousins there to show her how to do it (yes, I will email all of the shots soon), but maybe she'll do better next year.


Seth Hippen said...

I'm sure Sydney will warm up to the jolly old elf. I was suprised that Kendyl was brave enough this year. She's never been before, so there's living proof that scars do heal.

melissa said...

Cute pictures. We haven't ever taken pictures on Santa's lap with our kids. I keep thinking about doing it this year, but I haven't decided yet. By the way, Hanna, you look really pretty in those pictures, even if you weren't the main subject. :P

Happilyeverafterx3 said...

So beautiful....and Sydney is too (what I can see of her). Melissa is right, Han, these are good pics of you. Fun stuff. Sorry I didn't get to see you myself that night, but thanks for taking pics of my girls.

Happilyeverafterx3 said...

You should enter this contest.

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