Tuesday, September 1, 2009

my big little girl

Sydney is growing a little too fast for my tastes lately. She finished up her summer dance class and started preschool! She loves it so far. People always ask me if she started kindergarten this year just because she is so tall - no this is her first year of preschool! Many people have told me that I am doing well to be out of the house and getting her to these events so soon after our tragedy. Believe me, I have the desires to stay home in my room all day and cry, but that just causes my depression to be dominant in my life. I have to do the opposite of my inclinations to fight against the sadness taking over my life.


Kristie said...

You are so amazing! Thank you for sharing what is going on in your life, it makes me want to be that much better, even though I am not facing the same trials. You can do it, and you are motivating those of us around you to be better. Please feel free to cry and share the reasons, those of us around you may not always understand the emotions behind the crying, but we love you!

Happilyeverafterx3 said...

I love you guys so much and Sydney is so fun. Pictures of her make me smile and think of laughing with you while looking at pictures. Pictures and journals are awesome blessings.

sunnytosh said...

She looks just darling, and it is great that you are keeping at it. I keep thinking of you and praying for you even though I know my prayers can't bring your little guy back. Hopefully God sends things your way to bring you comfort.

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