Thursday, June 11, 2009

How do you not strangle a 3 year old?

As cute as some of these photos are... I have been bombarded with reasons to strangle my 3 year old lately! I'll get into that after explaining these pictures though. The first is Zach ready for prom this year, the second is Sydney in her Easter dress (I couldn't remember if I had posted it or not), the third is Sydney in her new dance outfit since she joined a dance class, and the fourth is Cal, once again dressed up by Sydney. So speaking of Cal, or our pets in general, Sydney has recently lost the privilege of the dogs staying in her room at night until she falls asleep. the first thing she did was cut one of Cal's ears with some scissors (I couldn't remember if I'd posted about that either), then she started to spit chocolate milk all over the dogs from her sippy cup - the walls and carpet suffering from this too. I thought I'd compromise with her to get her to give up the sippy cup, and I told her she could only have the dogs in her room if she gave up the sippy cup. She kept choosing the cup instead of the dogs though. Then one night she chose the dogs. I came up a few minutes later to find she had sprayed them both down with Windex and carpet cleaner! (I don't know how these things get in her room - oh wait these last ones were a low blood sugar time for me). Then she killed one of the last fish in our tank by dumping the entire food can into the tank. It may have been the trauma the fish had when I tried to clean out the tank, and he jumped out of the net and flopped on the kitchen floor for a bit. So besides torturing our pets, she has colored all over our walls with crayons, tells us how to drive, "Mom, the light is green, go!" - even though she is looking at the wrong light, argues with us no matter what we say... Me,"I need to take off your old band aid." Sydney, "No! I don't want to!" The next day after I took it off the day before... Me, "We need to put a new band aid on that." Sydney"No, I don't want a new band aid!" With all of that, I still love her and think she is the cutest thing on the planet. I told her we need to go buy her a new bed because her little brother will be using her mattress in his crib besides the fact that she is almost too tall for her current one. Since then she has been sleeping on the floor because we have yet to get this new bed, and she says she can't sleep on her bed because it is for her baby brother.


vbpeacock said...

Boy that sounds like a day in the life of the Peacocks. Kids, little miracles every single one! Luckily they don't stay the same age forever. Hunter went through a stage where he got into everything and made mess after mess, but he's not into that as much now. It will get better....good luck! How the pregnancy going? How do you think Sydney is going to do?

ISBAM said...

Yup, sounds like a 3 year old. Plus, B became poltergeist child when I was pregnant with #2. It doesn't help when you don't even want to get out of bed sometimes. I swear 3 is harder than 2. they're more determined to be independent, but still don't have much in the way of reasoning skills. Good luck, dear cousin!

Happilyeverafterx3 said...

It was so good to talk to you last night. I really miss you guys. The pics are super cute, as usual, but I want to also see a prego picture of you. Seth says you are hiding baby boy pretty well still. We agreed it must have something to do with that half marathon thingy.

sunnytosh said...

ack! The dog's ear would have sent me over the edge for sure. and Hanna, we need to see some recent pictures to make sure she is still alive... Just kidding. You've really got some hard trials and you seem to just handle them all with a smile on your face, or at least you laugh a lot, and that's important.

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