Sunday, March 15, 2009

How long is a car seat good for?

so we are now a 2 car seat family... It is such a pain to switch out the seats whenever Eran wants to go in his car, not mine - which is always if he can help it. So we got Sydney a 2nd seat to put in Daddy's car. Of course I was pricing new ones for #2 baby on the way, and the good one we had is like $280! When we need it, I just think we will claim our old one back from Seth and Karalenn, but it will be like 4 years old by that time. I could probably just look on the Brittax website or something like that, but what do you moms think?


melissa said...

I've heard that carseats are certified for 6 years. If you have any question about your carseat's safety, you can always take it to the local fire station and have them check it for you. I've never personally done this, but I know people who have.

Raechal said...

Britax's site says:
"Britax recommends that the use of a child seat be discontinued after six years from date of manufacture or if the seat has been involved in a severe crash. After six years, technology has changed, components degrade from the environment (depending on how and where stored), parts get lost or installed incorrectly, or instructions and labels may not be available or not legible. The child seat may be unsafe and should be destroyed."

So, I did the work for you :)

I will be facing the same predicament when we decide to have another baby. Our old seats are in perfect condition, but according to this we should toss it. I think I probably will buy a new one. It stinks spending money on something I already had, but at least I'll be saving on all the other baby stuff I will be able to reuse.

vbpeacock said...

Since we are expecting another baby I have also been thinking about this. I just found a post on baby center that 5-6 years is the max to use a car seat. We have Gunnar's infant seat and it's 6 years old, it's in perfect shape and now I am unsure if I should use it this time around. I hate to drop more cash on baby things that they only use for a short time, but then you don't want to put your kid at risk either. In your situation, with the seat only being 4 years old I would totally use it.

Holly said...

When I used car seats(I'm down to just boosters now) they used to say they were good for up to 7 years. Let us know if we can help if you need another.

Penelope Crackers said...

We can give this one back to you for sure. We need to give you back your crib, changing table, etc. etc. Hope you are feeling good. I'm happy moab went so well!

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