Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Zach!

His mother accused me of not taking enough pictures of him, so I at least remembered to take one on his birthday. He is 17! If he lived in the wizarding world of Harry Potter, he would be of age! Scary enough that he will be there in a year in real life.

We gave him this Snoop Dogg shirt, which he loves, and took him out to dinner. We will eat his Iron Man birthday cake tonight when we are not so stuffed from dinner. His mother (and I'm trying not to curse here) gave him a cell phone. She told me it would not be activated and that I could set up all these parameters for it on line before he used it. Well, that was certainly not true since he has been using it since he got it last night. Whatever - Eran and I don't care, they are the ones paying for it, and knowing Zach, it will be broken in 2 weeks anyway.
I had to include this cute picture of my buggaboo!


Seth Hippen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZACK! May you always be white and nerdy.

sunnytosh said...

lol, maybe I should get a cell phone for Xhaiden. Some people are a little out of touch!

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